We are the non-governmental, non-profit organization of all those who love the ocean!  We were born in Costa Rica, and we seek to bring our movement of positive change to every corner of our country and the world.

Mission Statement

OneSea se dedica a conectar vidas al océano inspirando conciencia hacia un cambio positivo, así proteger nuestros mares y evitar su contaminación, por medio del desarrollo y promoción de políticas ambientales, impulsando procesos abiertos, inclusivos y representativos de la sociedad.


Playas y océanos saludables, libres de contaminantes, protegidos mediante políticas ambientales adecuadas, de la mano de líderes comprometidos con la vida en los océanos.

Main lines of action

Our actions focus on the development, argumentation, and promotion of new regulations, institutional strengthening, education, and awareness-raising.


Our control and evaluation of the management of the funds are rigorous, constant, and public.


We do not identify with any particular political party, maintaining a non-partisan character in all activities.


We value and respect diversity expressed through equal individual and collective rights.


We promote environments for the development of our and new initiatives and inspire and motivate others.


We encourage the incorporation of profiles from diverse cultures to bring richness to the organization.


We respect, accept, and appreciate freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

Human Rights

We promote freedom, equality, justice, and peace. These are the fundamental pillars of human rights.