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Since 2014, the OneSea Foundation has made great efforts to promote the protection and conservation of the oceans, their beaches, and the life that inhabits them. Today our mission is more complicated. Some actors in the productive sector do not want to be regulated and even lobby to continue polluting Costa Rica, without any consequences. Still, together we have the power to bring about change! TOGETHER WE CAN! #OceanDefenders

Help us defend our oceans, rivers, beaches and their living beings!

Ocean Defenders

We are a diverse and inclusive community that loves the ocean and its beaches. We conserve and protect life in the sea. We are the voice of those who do not have it!

We protect and enjoy doing it

We avoid the pollution of our beaches, rivers, and sea, thus ensuring the conservation of life in the ocean, through a network of ocean defenders!


The surface of the earth is covered by oceans.


The oxygen you breathe comes from the ocean.


The life of the planet is found in the oceans.


The ocean has not been explored.

¡Arranca el proyecto Limpieza del Océano!

The Ocean Cleanup project starts! (spanish)

Después de años de investigación, pruebas y diseños, el Ocean Cleanup, lanzó su System 001, un equipo con el que esperan no solo limpiar el mar de desechos plásticos, pero bajar en 50% la Isla de Basura Plástica del Pacífico, la cuál está hecha de 1.8 trillones de piezas plásticas.

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